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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

Understanding Kid's Issues

Spring Fever and the Impending Summer Months

We all get a bit of spring fever from time to time and our children are no exception to the rule! ...the weather changes, we get more sunlight, and we begin to anticipate our upcoming summer break or vacation. Similar to the change from summer to fall, adjustment to these changes can result in some undesirable behaviors. The issues that I parents report to me include tantruming, screaming, throwing items, and overall out of control type behaviors. These behaviors can cause even the calmest parent to become frustrated and upset, which is why I always support parents in returning to childhood.

As parents, we sometimes forget how this time of year was riddled with academic pressure, fear related to change, anxiety and excitement. That's a lot to contend with during childhood and adolescence! For some of our young people, this is a time where emerging adulthood begins and childhood ends, which leads to feelings of loss that manifests similar to any other loss that one experiences. Similarly, our little ones connect with a teacher only to discover that they will be moving on to someone else they need to connect with at school.

In my clinical work with children and adolescents, I find their disclosures very telling and sincere. The feelings that come through during a session can indicate genuine concerns that result in behaviors that we adults would consider antisocial. I challenge you to return to childhood but for a brief moment and see the world from a few feet from where you stand to better gauge the experience that you once had. In doing so, it will better enable you to listen with intent and to provide empathy for your child. If this does not create an experience that is supportive for your child, there may be other, more severe issues at hand that require clinical attention. Making contact with the child's primary doctor is always a good plan of action to rule out allergies or other physical concerns that happen during the spring and summer. If at that time there are other psychological issues, you can contact me for therapeutic intervention or any other qualified clinician that will listen to your child's concerns and include you in the process. Be sure to look at our "Announcements" page to see if there are groups that will support you or your child as we move forward into summertime. Research indicates peer support is one of the more successful methods of helping to cope with many of the issues we all have.

I wish you all a safe and sunny spring and summer!

Dr. Victoria    

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